Praxis i-Technologies Private Limited is a multifaceted and integrated   
  IT solutions provider for a range of manufacturing units.

Utility Solutions

Utility business organizations are continuously evolving to understand the risks associated with unstable demands and rising consumerism. Businesses want to enhance energy creation across renewable generation assets.

Praxis I Technologies understands the energy is major criteria for the world and the utility sector needs continuous development of inimitable technology. Praxis I Technology helps companies to hold computing technologies to improve operational efficiency. Our unified solutions approach help improve existing business systems while incorporating new technology to provide safety, consistency and energy efficiency.

We understand the complications faced by the utility sector. Our continuous touch with utility companies, we understand their varying requirements and are ideally positioned to service their needs. Our solution gives success and enhance customer experience.


Organizational Profile

Kuppam Rural Electric Co-Operative Society Limited (The KRECS Ltd., Kuppam), also known as RESCO, Kuppam was established with the primary aim of rural electrification of backward Kuppam Constituency. Its main service is to carry out all necessary construction works for due, reliable and safe supply of Electric Energy. The organization works towards providing electricity to rural areas and also to monitor safe and effective utilization of Electric energy. THE KRECS Ltd.,is the only RESCO in the entire Andhra Pradesh, to have its own spacious premises, with adequate equipment and office staff.


KRECS, being a public utility organization, it was very essential that they could establish easy contact with people and this needed a well-developed communication system. Also that wanted a technology where the local organizations could interact with them easily for the procurement, sale, and installation of product. The entire organization needed to be technologically centralized to create up to date contact within departments. Continuous monitoring, managerial decisions, productivity, finance, budgeting, pay rolls, tender releases and tracks, sale and upgradation were totally dependent on a tailored software and technical backup. To meet these requirements, KRECS was on the look for a customized ERP solution.


The bottlenecks in such an organization were identified by Praxis and KRECS found its solution in Microsoft Dynamics and the ERP offered gave a complete helping hand and a new dimension to the organization. The software integrated all department and offered easy solutions to all the requirements. Customers, management, staff, production department, operations, sales and finance all came under one platform.


Production was easily monitored by the technical and managerial staff. Control and planning became much easier. Customers could easily interact with the organization to obtain product and keep themselves updated on organization’s progress. The different departments could maintain link with each other avoiding any delay or incorrect information.