The success and efficiency of any business depends on the right ERP system   
  and Praxis has a dedicated ERP Business Unit as part of its Enterprises Solutions Group.

Product Licensing and Training

Praxis also assists its clients in obtaining product license for its partners. Service on license procurement, product use rights, terms and conditions are offered to clients from the partners.

Praxis associates with EXIN to offer training and Certificate courses. EXIN has been offering certification since 1984 and has certified more than 15 million professionals with more than 1000 accredited partners across the globe. Their services extend to IT Service Management for over 2 decades now. EXIN also has come up with the Green IT concept which focuses on eco-friendly projects that aim at optimum output by using minimum resources and conserving nature.

At Praxis training and certification is carried out very objectively. External experts guarantee the quality of the exams. Independent professionals are involved in the management of EXIN and the performance of its tasks, ranging from IT professionals to lawyers, economists and educators.


EXIN is an ISO-certified (ISO 9001:2008) skill developer organization spreads across 126 countries and holds exams in more than 20 languages with the primary aim being creating competent professionals. It is one of the world's leading providers of independent information management certification and accreditation.

EXIN is a Co-Editor of ISO/IEC 20000 part 5, founding Member of ITIL Qualification Board and are knowledge partners for ASL/BiSL foundation. Praxis associates with EXIN to offer training and Certificate courses in: ITIL V3 Foundation, ITIL Services, Strategies, ITIL Managers Bridge, IS -27000, ISO 20000, Cloud Computing, Microsoft Operations , Framework (MOF), Green IT Training, Green IT Auditing, Green IT Consulting.


ITIL provides a deeper insight into IT Service Management making one a better qualified IT specialist.ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is an internationally recognized and accepted exam program that can be used in nearly all organizations.

ITIL provides training and guidance to IT professionals in different IT modules such as maintenance, management and implementation. The trainers derive at an independent and objective conclusion to their own IT Service Management course. EXIN is the internationally acknowledged authority in the field of ITIL exams.


IT Service Management (ITSM) is based on ISO/IEC 20000 certification. The program was designed to connect to the core of ITSM: to give participants the chance to experience EXIN’s ITSM program.

The course is designed in 4 levels:

  • Foundation
  • Professional
  • Consultant Manager & Executive Consultant/Manager
  • Associate & Auditor

EXIN’s information security qualification program provides technical solutions to protect data loss and secure them. The Information Security (IS) based on ISO/IEC 27OO2 is one of the most valuable asset to any company. This training program is based on security awareness and security measures.

It is divided into 3 levels

  • Foundation
  • Advanced
  • Expert