The success and efficiency of any business depends on the right ERP system   
  and Praxis has a dedicated ERP Business Unit as part of its Enterprises Solutions Group.

Product Development

Product is the end result for which any company runs and operates. The quality and sale of the product determines the success of the company. Therefore any company constantly strives to upgrade and improve the product quality to enhance its sales. This is where it needs perfect technical assistance and Praxis with the help of its technical partners offers Product development service to its clients.

The ideal ERP system should allow a user to select which method to use for which process depending on the product. A product can be built using a distinct bill of material, or a formula, all in the same application. Our product applications include various requisites of the product such as product formula, ingredients, promotions, discounts, complimentary products etc. thereby giving the facility to the client where they do not have to search for intricate information in case of multiple products. Information triggers immediately upon clicking the product code such as offers on the product, promotions, discounts etc. Product usage, sales (past, present and future), stock levels etc are analyzed before calculations are made by software experts.

Product development essentially means improving the quality and utility of the product. Our software and applications also assist in understanding the other utilities of the product so they can be added to the client’s products. The competitor’s products are analyzed and understood to keep a track of the market. The ERP gives an insight into the client’s product, the bottlenecks and possible solutions.