The success and efficiency of any business depends on the right ERP system   
  and Praxis has a dedicated ERP Business Unit as part of its Enterprises Solutions Group.

Consultancy Management

Praxis offers Consultancy Management Services to all businesses from small to medium to large scale in fields of manufacturing, distribution and finance.

Most of the ERP solutions target either the process or discrete sector. But Praxis along with Microsoft Dynamics caters to both. It is very important to understand the type of industrial process before offering the solution to derive at the right customized software.

Praxis extends its service by engineering and re-engineering business processes. Any new organizational set up has its requirements right from basics and our solutions begin right from the teething stage commencing from staffing data, product data, sales data, production department, marketing, market information, applications to be installed, controlling, supervision and monitoring etc. Existing companies go for a restructuring of their set up where we technically re-engineer the company and support them with the latest technology. This requires a clear understanding about the bottlenecks in the company and the managerial problems which our experts do.

Our professionals also offer their expert advice on the alternate functioning which can enhance the company’s efficiency and take it to a different apex.

Praxis offers:
  • Process Consulting
  • Industry/Domain Consulting
  • Technology Consulting