Praxis i-Technologies Private Limited is a multifaceted and integrated   
  IT solutions provider for a range of manufacturing units.

Retail Solutions

Consumers continue to look for control in new markets by being more alert. Retails markets s are renewing them by leveraging by adopting unique strategies. Stores till remain operating in old way but today technology changing the way consumer shop. With our core strength and deep understanding, we enable clients to understand customer through with multiple data and stay ahead of competition. We serve Food, Beverages, Grocery and clothing.


Organization Profile

Al Maya, Middle East based company began its operation as a Supermarket and later diversified into the wholesale of textiles, novelties, households, garments and electronics. The Group successfully acquired the esteemed British Home Stores (BHS) franchise for the Northern Emirates. Today, Al Maya’s FMCG division has a range of all leading brands of food and beverages in their chain of stores across Middle East.


The most important requirement in the retail industry is to keep a track of the goods, sales, amount collected from the sales, purchases and customer needs. Al this can be easily monitored and handled only if the entire information is viewed at one place. This can happen only with the help of software that is used as one diary to note all information. Al Maya in its expansion stage also required such as software to be installed in all its franchisee destinations. The group needed a network that could keep all destination linked with the latest updated information and in contact for any requirement.


The requirements were fulfilled by Praxis by offering them ERP solutions from Microsoft Dynamics thereby closely knitting the group. The software was tailored for the retail industry and very simple to operate for the staff. At the click of any product, complete information relate to that product such as stock in hand, stock to be purchased, market demand, competitive products, price structure, sales etc. would show up immediately. Product summary from all destinations could be got from any destination by the management. The total business done by any destination could be obtained by the head office without any laborious effort.


As the minor labors were avoided management could now focus on other aspects such as new product launches, expansion schemes, renovations and merging with other competitors. Accounting and control became very easy and less time consuming. Most importantly all this centralization was done at a very low cost. Even the day to day operational expenses were reduced.